RGB City by Lust (nl)

RGB City by Lust (nl)

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/5383293 w=600]

Dis-patch Festival is presenting a very special project on the location of Student’s Square in Belgrade - its first public space project, a site-specific commission by the Dutch-based design-studio Lust.

RGB City is an interactive light - sound installation of impressive proportions, spread over a building site in the central area of Student’s Square. A new landmark for Belgrade. A building that seems to be alive, each room filled with lights whose movement and color are constantly in flux. A large-scale interactive light installation will be installed in a building at Student’s Square. This will be a rare chance for Belgrade residents to directly (re)imagine their surrounding architecture and view it as an organic, evolving and ever-changing environment. The spinning and flashing robolights will turn the building into a swinging and swaying beacon for the city controlled directly by user interaction via a touch screen mounted on the square, transforming Belgrade from a “White City” - to an RGB City.

More about this project @ lust.nl/rgbcity / dis-patch.com

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