Eastpak “Tag My Bag” PICH & PULCOMAYO

Eastpak “Tag My Bag” PICH & PULCOMAYO

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”500” caption=”Eastpak “Tag my Bag” #13 Pich Pulcomayo”]Eastpak “Tag my Bag” #13 Pich Pulcomayo[/caption] Artist name: PICH / PULCOMAYO_ Age:** 28 years / 31 years **_Occupation: Designer / Graphic designer / Illustrator Location: Clermont Ferrand _Website: _www.republink.fr / www.pulcomayo.com

Available from 30 June to 7 July 2009 on EBay

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Here is a little interview with the guys…

How did you submitted the last time we invited you to do? Pi: Pitch designer, graphic designer, Concept Manager Republink store. Pm: Yo aka Vincent Pulcomayo. Where and when did you put your first tag? **And the last?** Pi: My first, to be original, on a table in court. But I never excelled in the field of typography. Pm: I can not remember exactly my first tag, can be engraved on a bench when I was a kid, a skull or a slogan certainly avenger … The last was in any case today, Today on posca to showcase Republink, but it was cute. What do you think of the customization work? **What is the custom in that time you made?** **And for what occasion?** Pi: The custom is a good way to revive one object, or customized. My last custom Qbiq a rabbit is for 1 year from Republink shop. PM: This is an exercise breaks a little mouth, it is not easy to take a break and pass a visual sense. The last is actually a big rabbit Qbiq in collab with Pich, it has done well. What’s your news? We do not want to be the last to speak. Pi: I work on creating new tables to offer in the shop. PM: I will release a limited set of plush toys by a fortnight, prepared by kolory, printed fabric, with 6 different models. Otherwise small stakes graphics here and there, and then an exhibition at Republink at the beginning? What was your last shot of pressure? Pi: I have every day, but the last one that marked me the most was with my beer tender I put a little pressure. PM: I am RHÂÂÂ dream with this beer tender. I have not had a real stroke of pressure this weekend, first time I confronte online rock band after months of training, I lost all my duels, I had rabies. A final word? Pi: Thanks to my future wife to marry this with me. A whole team of LAST Concept, Molotow and Eastpak. PM: Yeah thanks guys! - thanks too LAST Concept.

Superblast x Overkill RGB City by Lust (nl)