Nothing Personal Trailer

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Nothing Personal Trailer #2

Trailer for the Documentary Movie ‘Nothing Personal’ which tells the story of the post-Soviet graffiti scene. It was filmed solely on the basis of enthusiasm and personal funds of its author. This movie has been filming for 7 years, from 2007 to 2014. Its filming is almost completed and its creator is at the beginning of the post-production process. At the time we are looking for any informational support. If you have any questions relating to the film or you need additional promotional materials, please email us! This Documentary will be presented to the public in late 2014. The film features interviews with Basket, KTO, Lodek, Interesni Kazki, Max 13, Mayki, Sakvo, Kiosk, Kiot, AKA6, Kislow, Oskes, SY, Zmogk, Zuk Club and many oth