Muurmag 5 Release Party

Muurmag 5 Release Party

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A new expo, by Matthew Knight, will open that day between 17.00 and 20.00. Not only is the magazine filled with fresh street art, it also contains exclusive stickers made by some of the best Dutch street artists. So be there and get your copy! GO Gallery, Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam. Also Muurmag will be present on friday 30 November at the opening of **HOMEBASE 2012**, Rotterdam for a pre-presentation-sale of **Muurmag #5** [clearboth] [divider style=”thick” ] [third end=”” ]

Closet Eccentric, by Matthew Knight (IR)

Expect the unexpected truths of an artist that has thrown any sense of logic out the window and set about creating visual pleasures that viewers can enjoy and get lost within. The exhibition will showcase the painstakingly detailed eccentric thoughts of Knight and his hidden flare for all things crazy. Uninhibited by the restrictive logic of reality the all new works will examine what it is that goes on inside of us all. Having grown up in Eastern and Western backgrounds Knight aims to interweave the many influences this had on him growing up, His work not only embodies these contrasting cultures but does it in a way that any viewer can relate. GO Gallery exposeert de solo-expositie ‘Closet Eccentric’ van Matthew Knight. Opening op zaterdag 1 december, van 17:00 – 20:00 hrs. [/third] [caption id=”attachment_11142” align=”alignright” width=”445”] Matthew Knight: still working hard![/caption] [divider style=”top” ]