Montana Jam - April the 4th "Grodno"

Montana Jam - April the 4th “Grodno”

What is the spring called? THE SPRING is a hollyday, the Sun and the freedom! The Spring this year in Belorussia began with “Montana Spring Jam “ in Grodno!

April, the 4th in a small Belorussian old town Grodno, just on the Polish border, MONTANA in Belorussia started the series of international Jams. Till the beginning of the summer the Jam will come to many other Belorussian cities. Most of the writers, that found inspiration and time for the jam was the best from Belorussia. Also came some guys from Ukraine (Odessa, Lviv) and Latvia (Riga). The wall was about 250 meters long. And 250 meters of wall became new space for pieces in this area. A lot of people just came to see the action and try themselves as the writers on the special planchets.The best Deejays from Grodno made the Holyday absolutely great and created really inspirating and relaxing atmosphere. Great quality of the sound made this jam a celebration of a hiphop, scratching and graffiti.

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Graffiti in the Community Sneaker Customization