Montana 94 Cap Test

Montana 94 Cap Test


Spanish Montana recently released the MTN 94 spray paint. These cans are the most advanced low pressure spray cans. Due to their sensitive valve system the cans can be used for very detailed work. The paint formula is also different. The paint comes out matte and it covers extremely well. Since this spray paint is in a league of its own, we will test it with many of today’s popular caps. Thanks to James from Oink for the video. He painstakingly tests the MTN 94 with 16 different caps. Here are the results of the MTN 94 cap test:

1 **MTN Skinny Pro Stock ** Thin controllable line

2 **Universal German Outline ** Thin controllable line

3 **Super Fat ** Fat lines with one coat coverage

4 **Gold Dot ** Thin line. If the cap is pressed softly the line is thinner. If pressed harder, the line is thicker.

5 Gray Dot Thin controllable line

6 **Orange Dot ** Thin controllable line

7 Transversal Skinny calligraphy style line

8 **German Outline #1 ** Thin controllable line. Creates nice flares

9 **Pink Dot ** Wide lines

10 Rusto Fat Does not work. Locks up

11 **NY Thin ** Does not work. Locks up

12 **Ny Fat ** Fat lines. Covers well.

13 **Banana Skinny ** Does not work. Locks up

14 **Sabotaz Ultra Fat ** Really fat wide line

15 **Black Dot ** Very thin controllable lines

16 **Astro Fat ** The fatest lines

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