In Memory of Rens Tol aka ARTIC

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In Memory of Rens Tol aka ARTIC

ARTIC (SCUL) - GVB / DSK / WSM crews - was a graffiti writer who started in the early 80’s in Purmerend and Amsterdam. He was known and respected for his dope style and art, but above all respected for his perseverance, optimism and humor.

Artic '86 [gallery link=”file” columns=”4” ids=”14425,14424,14423,14422,14421,14420,14419,14418,14427,14428,14426,14518”] [divider] Some years ago he got MS and could not paint anymore in a way as he wanted. His best friends did put his name up for years and years, on a non stop basis, for him: They used his old blackbook sketches and re-painted them together with Artic as the art-director. They also made big stencils of his tag and put it high above the pieces in every Hall of Fame in The Netherlands. His name-tag stickers appeared all over the globe. ARTIC’s last trip was to Curaçao, where ‘Team ARTIC’ and the man him self painted a wall @ the’Artic Lounge’. [divider] [youtube][/youtube] [divider] artic-articteam2013 [gallery columns=”4” link=”file” ids=”14439,14440,14443,14444,14445,14519,14520,14521”] At the ‘Kings oF Colours Jam 2013’ in Den Bosch he rocked the spot for the last time with his ‘Team Artic’artic-articteamDenBosch [divider] But his name is also represented everywhere now he has died… check some of the tribute and ‘in memory’ pieces by his friends and crew mates. Respect to Maty, GetOne, Dopie and all his other real friends. artic-articteam-2013RIP [gallery link=”file” columns=”4” ids=”14495,14454,14450,14442”] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [divider]

Check his facebook page for more pics of his pieces and all that. Lost but never forgotten!

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