Spray the Can Graffiti Battle with BLADE

Spray the Can: Graffiti Battle with BLADE

spray the can

Friday November 6th: graffiti battle Spray the Can

 SPECIAL GUEST, the famous old skool graffiti writer: BLADE (king of kings NYC)

 21:00-01:00 @ Fusion / hiphopcafe4elementz, Marnixstraat 285

During ‘Spray the can battle’ 20 competitors are going head to head in a graffiti/ graphic art battle. All competitors will receive an empty blank Montana spray can, which will be used as the canvas. They have to paint, write, tag, sticker or shape the can as creative as the human mind allows it possible. Montana will provide the spray cans and a broad selection of markers. Any other items such as stencils, stickers or paint are the competitors own responsibility. The spray cans will be judged by a professional jury and the winner receives a goody bag and a cash price of €150,-. During the battle, dj’s will spin the dopest and phattest rap, soul and funk.

Read more about this event and Blade’s signing on November 7th after the bump! Judges: Blade (King of Kings, NYC), Letty (rollin’peas/ graphotism), Oscar (GO Gallery) Dj’s: Billy bad ass, Dynamite soul dj team (Sounder, Phase & Rebel#1) Host: Shockwave The rules: •           Every competitor will receive a blank spray can, provided by the organization. •           The spray can will remain property of the organization after the battle and may not leave the building. •           The organization will provide a broad selection of markers. •           Competitors are urged to bring their own decoration, like stencils, stickers, paint etc. •           Paint can not be sprayed inside the building. •           Sign up at hiphopcafe4elementz@gmail.com for a guaranteed place in the battle. •           The entrance fee is €3,00. Competitors who signed up in advance have free entrance.  

Saturday November 7th: book signing and selling by Blade** (King of Kingz, NYC)**

21:00-01:00 @ Fusion / hiphopcafe4elementz, Marnixstraat 285

BLADE book release, “Blade - King of Kings” and signing. From 1972 BLADE has ruled the New York graffiti scene, assuming the title King of Kings. He quickly became the No.1 Subway Train painter, and maintained his status through the “Die Hard” era when the NYC authorities severely clamped down on Graffiti. With the release of his brand new book, “Blade - King of Kings”, Blade’s reputation as one of the greatest artists of his generation is consolidated even further. Blade himself says :”It is a tremendous honour to have a book dedicated to my career, celebrating my contribution to graffiti and art, available  now, in my own lifetime.” We invite you to come and secure a copy of this EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION (only 1000 Copies printed) beautifully illustrated full colour reference volume.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xKw8b3Qv9w] _Source: Amstersander //  __hiphopcafe4elementz_

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