Graffiti Box, Kids Game!

Graffiti Box, Kids Game!

Ravensburger dares to new terrain: the line “GraffitiBox” brings the games manufacturers four sets for kids from seven years on the French market. There are a number of packs available:

  • Graffiti Box” which contains an A4 sketchbook, stickers, 10 marker pens and 40 stencils of graffiti style letters.
  • “Blackbook Pack” which contains an A4 sketchbook and 10 marker pens.
  • Aerograff Pack” which contains 12 stencils, 6 markers and an airbush.
  • “Letters Pack” which are two different collections of 30 graffiti letter stencils. For some reason these kits only seem to be available in France and don’t even come up on the Ravensburger site when searching in languages other than French and they are available through Amazon in France for just under 35 Euros. Even though this is a bit of a gimic I thought I would post it up anyway even if just to give everyone a laugh, either that or make you cry out in dispair!

More info @ Amazon


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