Bombing Replaces Tagging As Train Graffiti 'FUN'

Bombing Replaces Tagging As Train Graffiti ‘FUN’

SYDNEY’S trains are coming under attack from a new breed of graffiti artists who lay in wait before paint bombing passing carriages. Not only are they bragging about their conquests on videos posted on YouTube - but they have angered vandals who claim they are giving graffiti a bad name. The latest attacks have sparked a man-hunt after trains across the city began displaying indiscriminate splashes of red, blue and yellow paint. “The incidence of crime and anti-social behaviour across the network is viewed very seriously by RailCorp,” a RailCorp spokeswoman said. [youtube][/youtube] They are working with the police to try and identify those responsible for the paint bombing. The masked offenders are the new breed of graffiti vandals who have given up on the “art” to simply bomb carriages with bucket loads of paint to cause maximum damage and “give CityRail a brand new design”. “Considering they have put 6600 new CCTV cameras in train yards and at stations we decided to get them whenever we could,” YouTube user Sydneysfinest posted with his vandalism video. “We understand you hate us so don’t hold back when telling us.” Graffiti “artists” among the 1288 YouTube viewers in the four weeks since Painting CityRail went online have blasted the vandals, saying it gave “graffin” a bad name. Justin Ridgeway, from spray paint shop Aerosol Kings, agreed the increasing number of paint bombers were not artists. “It’s not an art form in any way, it’s just pure vandalism and damage,” he told The Daily Telegraph yesterday. “They’re not showing expression, it’s just anger. There’s a big difference between vandalism and art. I’ve heard a couple of people talking about this splashing paint on trains.” Source: The Daily Telegraph

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