FAILE Puzzle Box

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FAILE Puzzle Box

FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration. Since its inception in 1999, FAILE has attained global recognition for their pioneering use of wheatpasting and stenciling in the increasingly established arena of street art, and for their explorations of duality through a fragmented style of appropriation and collage. In 2011 FAILE released a hand made Puzzle Box that cost only $15,000. That means its not for everyone affordable and let you kids play with it, so in 2012 FAILE has made a FREE iPhone and iPad app you can download here. [clearboth] [half]

Have your own hands-on experience with a Faile Puzzle Box.

With this app, you can participate in the latest project from the pioneering Brooklyn artists. Each Faile Puzzle Box contains 88 six-sided wooden blocks, all hand-painted and -printed to create a set of six Faile images. The blocks can be flipped and swapped to juxtapose imagery and create new compositions. Choose a puzzle, then play with the blocks to make your own works of art. Or, jumble the puzzle, and see if you can solve it. Have fun! And as you play, you’ll share in Faile’s own artistic method – creating meaning through layering, intermixing, discovery, and a healthy dose of chance. It’s fine art meets pop culture meets technology meets nostalgia meets fun meets Faile. FEATURES: [list style=”square”]

  • Multiple sets of six-sided puzzles
  • Free downloads of new Puzzle Boxes as they’re released
  • Intuitive play – drag to swap blocks, tap to rotate them
  • Instant jumble options
  • “Cheat” view to help solve the puzzles
  • Save and Share features [/list] [/half] [half end=true] [half] [clearboth]