Exit Throught The Gift Shop Photos And Banksy Interview

Exit Throught The Gift Shop Photos And Banksy Interview

Everfreshstudio.com went to see the Banksy Movie “Exit throught the gift shop”. It was held in the tunnel where the cans festival has held so time ago. Not sure what the deal is there but I think banksy must have bought the place or come to some kind of arrangement with local council?? And Banksy has done an interview with the Sunday Times.

“I have a large collection of famous art at home, but they’re all fakes. I make them myself. If I like a picture I grab a photo, project it up and paint it. Sometimes I change the colours to fit with the curtains. I do it partly because I’m tight and partly because if the Basquiats and Picassos in the sitting room were real I’d be too scared to ever leave the house. “I don’t make as much money as people think. The commercial galleries that have held exhibitions of my paintings are nothing to do with me. And I certainly don’t see money from the T-shirts, mugs and greeting cards. My lawyer calls me ‘the most infringed artist alive’ and wants me to do something about it. But if you’ve built a reputation on having a casual attitude towards property ownership, it seems a bit bad-mannered to kick off about copyright law.”

See the full interview here.

That place is amazing, somehow it has become a graffiti legal area, there where about 20 people down there painting. everyone just goes over anything. There were not much rules other than no racism or adverts.

Made me think It would be nice if Hosier lane was like this, instead of one person trying to curate the whole thing.

The set up for the cinema was pretty impressive considering there was only going to be 10 shows there.

So plenty of Melbourne heads get there 2 seconds of fame. mainly in the intro part of the movie where it talks about all the great stuff people are doing…

I snapped this shot of the credits, you can see Crate Man, James Dodd, GRL (aust), Ash Keating, Michael Porter, Rone, SYNC, HA-HA & Vexta all got a mention which is pretty good to see so much australian representation. Big thanks must go to Nicholas Hansen who sent much of the footage from RASH that made the final cut of this movie.

I could tell you all about it but really that would spoil it for you. the general story is about Mr Brainwash and how he came to be. It’s just a view of how this whole art world is based of false values.

Definitely go see it when you can.

- source everfreshstudio.com

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