Exhibition The London Police 10 Years Later

Exhibition: The London Police, 10 Years Later

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”520” caption=”The London Police, 10 Years Later”]The London Police, 10 Years Later[/caption] The London Police, 10 Years Later … ** ** On Saturday, May 16 GO Gallery opens the exhibition with The London Police, (TLP). TLP began in 1998 when 2 British boys came to Amsterdam to the streets of our capital more to brighten. Soon appeared in hundreds of fences and electricity boxes in Amsterdam. Not only in Amsterdam were the lads a life. TLP, the last 10 years more than 35 countries affected to participate in major shows and exhibitions, for contracts with murals and charity actions. The largest mural is still visible in Kreuzberg, Berlin, a building of 6 floors. In China, 2 years ago opened an exhibition dedicated to dogs, the paintings were therefore at knee height and for the occasion is a collection of dog toys designed and jackets! The 2 founders of The London Police, Chaz & Bob, some years on the road went solo, and since late 2008 to work together. This cooperation is the current world tour, The London Police, 10 Years Later … arise. After the first exhibition in London, the GO Gallery in Amsterdam at the turn. Subsequently exhibitions scheduled in Los Angeles, New York. Also, “Every 20 Minutes - 7 Days - Photo Wall” presented, 1008 photos from the life of The London Police, every 20 minutes 1 photo, 1 week. ** Opening:** Saturday, May 16, from 17.00-20.00 hours. The exhibition lasts until June 21, 2009 AT GoGallery, Amsterdam

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