Joe Holbrook at Rooms of Redbull Amsterdam

Joe Holbrook at Rooms of Redbull Amsterdam

Rooms of Redbull: Joe Holbrook


If you live near Amsterdam or come by every once in a while, you should have visited the Rooms of Redbull at least once. The project is housed in a building in the Red Light District and houses ‘sexy creativity’. There are a lot of people involved, but it comes down to creating an space where all creative common (and not so common) minds can come together to connect, brainstorm, create and be inspired. The Rooms are divided in a Music Room, which is a fully equipped studio, especially for bands and musicians to record new stuff, a Creativity/Inspiration Room where you can sketch, talk, drink, read one of the many books on street artists, dj’s and many more or listen to a live radioshow recorded in the very heart, and on the top floor there is workspace for artists and enough supplies to bomb the entire building with colourfull graffiti. Besides all of this they give courses and workshops on photography and music production. Next tuesday there is even going to be a Tedx Amsterdam meeting and every week a new exhibition opens and there is always music involved. From Radio 538 hosting their Dance Department there next saturday to the Utrecht based band Mr. Love and the Stallions, who recorded a couple of new songs in the studio and threw a releaseparty at the ground floor. Yesterday, Joe Holbrook opened his small exhibition at the Rooms in Amsterdam. Joe’s work is very detailed and photographically realistic, but the way he captures a person in a specific moment of action is especially very moving. It’s not a regular portrait but more a well chosen and vivid snapshot. His main inspiration is the nightlife in the city. He made five paintings around the theme ‘In Deep’ about Amsterdam’ nightlife especially for The Rooms of Redbull project. The guys from interviewed him about his upcoming exhibition and we got to talk to him on the night itself as well. He felt really good about the big turnout and the atmosphere in the Rooms. He is planning to stay longer and produce some more work in Amsterdam. This exhibition is however only up for the weekend, so drop by soon if you want to see it yourself. Joe_03

You can check out more of his work over here and read the interview here.

See some pictures of the exhibition after the bump!  Joe_01 Joe_02 Redbull_01

People getting creative @ Rooms of Redbull


Diary of Cool discussing their future plans


The man of the eve: Joe

The guerilla project that turned out to become Rooms of Redbull is led by Red Revolver. And be sure to visit it this month because after that, it’s gone…

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