Exclusive Interview with Robbo On Banksy Graffiti and More

Exclusive Interview with Robbo: On Banksy, Graffiti and More

There are two sides to every story: Robbo talks exclusively to Juxtapoz about graffiti, his ongoing feud with Banksy, and his return to the art world. I ordered a Budweiser and anxiously looked at my mobile. It was 7:50pm on a Friday night and Robbo has agreed to meet me at the Princess of Wales pub in Primrose Hill, London*. This friendly little pub was filled to the rafters with people who had gathered to watch the world cup on the two TV screen at either end of the bar. I didn’t have a good view of the entrance so I grabbed my drink and went outside where I was quickly joined by Robbo – a huge stature of a man with shaved head, a white ‘Team Robbo’ tee-shirt which he had designed himself, shorts and trainers. I spent the next few hours learning more about this old school graffiti legend who has been thrust back into the spotlight. Read the interview here @ juxtapoz.com

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