Custom Mummy by Kalypzo

Custom Mummy by Kalypzo

Here is the newest addition of Local Artists 8? Munny at Foosh, design by Kalypzo.

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600” caption=”Kalypzo - Custom 8” Mummy”]Kalypzo - Custom 8 Mummy[/caption] More after the jump! Here is more about her from her own words:

Kalypzo Designs is an online portfolio of Nena Nguyen.

Currently attending her final year of high school, Nena is establishing herself as an artist/designer; focusing on illustration and eventually graphic design. With a specialty in illustration, she is extremely flexible working with clients to develop the aesthetics, communications and practicalities of design.

Compassionate towards humanitarian issues, she often finds herself volunteering her artistic abilities towards a variety of local fundraisers. Aside from volunteer work, she has sold product locally and internationally to a variety of clients; from individuals to small businesses.

Kalypzo Designs is currently pushing to bring freshly designed products to the market such as artwork, toys and possibly apparel.

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