On The Run Serie

On The Run Serie

The second ON THR RUN book series is coming soon!

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- THE DEATH SQUAD Part One – The Death Squad gives credit where credit is due to the unsung legend that is Part One, a true style writing master from the pioneering days?with a taste of classic old school New York subway graffiti, as we follow Part’s contribution to the scene from the mid 70s, developmental years until now. Part entered the subway graffiti movement in 1974 just after the foundations for piecing had been laid down. He began doing the bubble and mechanical styles of the era and by 1975-6 he truly came into his own. From 1977 to 1980, few writers could compete with Part One and his TDS partners. Today, Part is still active and going strong?his funkified pieces give the newer generations of writers a real run for their money even by today’s standards. This is the first publication that deals with his impact on writing culture, with stories from the early days until now. release date 25th September 2009 Full Color 128 Pages ca. 260 photographs and illustrations


– smash proof Contemporary European style writing at its finest, ‘Smash 137 – smash proof’ is an exciting look into the style development of Swiss graffiti writer Smash 137 as he refines his craft. Smash 137 is an impressive talent, who has heavily influenced not only the European but the international writers’ scene for years. He is renowned for his super fresh letter styles that while appearing simple are privy to some complex connections and transitions. One could say he is a master of a certain ‘complex simplicity’. While housed in seemingly simple bubble-esque structures his styles contain subtle but elaborate letter interconnections. This is a work in progress full of interesting twists and turns. Watch as Smash takes the art of writing to another level… release date  26th October 2009 Full Color 128 Pages ca. 220 photographs and illustrations image007


- BLACK BOOK MASTERS ‘New York City Black Book Masters’ is homage to the writer’s humble black book.  Within the pages of any writers black books are delightfully candid gems; with thoughts scribbled down, pieces planned out and colorful burners setting them alight. In their black book writers practice their craft, fool around and collect signature styles and burners from other writers.  The ‘New York City Black Book Masters’ is an intimate collection of personal drawings from some of New York City’s finest old school and new school writers. The likes of, RIff 170, Noc 167, Case 2, Chain 3, Dondi, Erni, Daze, Iz the Wiz, Lady Pink, Zephyr, Ghost, Freedom, T-Kid 170, Cope 2, Nic One, Ewok, Zimad, Ket and many more. It is a great opportunity to see these writers unplugged. release date 22nd October 2009 Full Color 128 Pages ca. 170 photographs and illustrations - source whatyouwrite & graffiti-magazine
Between The Cracks Magazine Issue 6 London Police @ Carmichael Gallery