Banksy x Oscar Awards, Los Angeles - Update

Banksy x Oscar Awards, Los Angeles - Update

Banksy’s film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” has been nominated for an Oscar. Although it doesn’t appear that he will be allowed to personally accept the award if he wins, it looks like he made the trip out to Los Angeles just the same. Take a look at this new piece that has popped up reportedly attributed to the elusive street artist. Perhaps the start of his Oscar campaign with more to come? [gallery include=”6422,6423,6424”] Jamie Oliver swung by to snap some pics with Banksy, and got in a stand off with the Crayon Warrior. This stencil is also caught on video here, without jamie.o thank god!!

Banksy in LA - Charlie Brown the Arsonist - 2/15/11 - Update

As we suspected, Banksy was not done with his initial “Crayon Shooter” stencil in West LA. Looks like another piece has been discovered showing he’s a fan of Charlie Brown on the side of an abandoned fire-damaged building. Also caught on video right here.. The day after someone boarded this peace up! [gallery include=”6427, 6451, 6452”] Found in the comments from a replay from @Alizzo with a report about some stencils banksy has done in the past weekend.

The best part of street art like this, is seeing it on the streets. My fiance and I just visited the 6 known Banksy pieces in SF this past weekend. 2 of them have been covered, unfortunately. 4 out of the 6 were still there. Out of the 4, 1 was defaced, the majority of it was there, but you couldn’t see the Indian’s face anymore, which is a SHAME, and DISRESPECTFUL. Another one was there, but a piece of it had been painted over. 2 were fully in tact. 1 was still there because it was so high, no one could easily get to it. The other, was on a main street in Chinatown however, someone who had the brains, had it covered with plexi glass drilled into the wall. Bottom line, I think these should be left the way they are. At the same time, if Banksy did a piece on a building I own, I would do everything in my power to preserve it. If that means removing it out of the wall to put it somewhere safe, so be it.

A Billboard takeover right on Sunset Boulevard by Banksy - Update

[gallery include=”6453, 6430,6443”] And there is more! Guess team banksy (Varp, Steve Aoki, Ponyboy, Obey, Rong, and Seldom Musik) are a little nervous for the Oscar award show! So they fixed a clean billboard, climb up and wallpapered it with a pretty woman and some evil looking mickey mouse & mini mickey mouse.

Star Wars Banksy Oscar Campaigning - Update

[gallery include=”6450,6448,6449”] Recently spotted a mural in Los Angeles that portrays the street artist as half of an Oscar statue with a bunch of Star Wars Stormtroopers at his feet. Above the mural are eight cut-out Stormtroopers, some of whom appear to be clapping. There is no way to tell if this is actually a work by Banksy, but it isn’t to hard to imagine that would be something he’d do. Upon hearing about his nomination last week, Banksy was quoted by NME saying, “I don’t agree with the concept of award ceremonies, but I’m prepared to make an exception for the ones I’m nominated for. The last time there was a naked man covered in gold paint in my house, it was me.”

4th Piece by Banksy? Top Dog

[gallery include=”6429,6427,6445”] - source / melrose and fairfax /

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