ARKIV doing a solo exhibition this 23rd October in Indonesia @ Vivi Yip Art Room. Opening: Saturday, 23th October 2010 at 5pm, There will be special 20 prints given away at the opening night. And also new works and sculptures! Here’s the detail the exhibition: ARKIV VILMANSA “RIDING CURVES” Exhibition Vivi yip art room 2 Annexe Ciputra Jl. Prof. Satrio Kav 11 Casablanca, Jakarta Selatan 12930, Indonesia +62 21 529 05706 “Indonesian artist Arkiv has been painting, illustrating and designing cartoon like figures since 2005. Shortly after finishing his Bachelor degree in Architecture he plunged into the art world citing his love for drawing figures as his inspiration for this change of career path. Arkiv had a strong debut with his first vinyl figurine called “Arkiv Instant.” After Arkiv Instant many exciting vinyl toys followed including a redesign of Mickey Mouse for Disney Asia. [gallery columns=”3” link=”file”] Arkiv describes himself: “I’m a half animal and half dream. I’m a blend of an overweight panda and Killer whale. I eat kids and I drink bloods. I’m instantly rude and 100% dirty. I sleep longer than any creation the world has ever seen, I sleep like a dead hero and no star. I talk rubbish and my breath smells like it.” His description reflects the same silliness and complexity of his characters. Smiling cartoons flipping you the bird. Figures strangling each other. Teddy bears hanging on a rope are just some of the oddities that Arkiv paints with cheery colors and his signature curvy and graphic style.”

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