AR Graffiti

WERC creating endless variations merging 5 graffiti pieces with projection mapping.

AR Graffiti is a study about the different elements of graffiti. The 5 Pieces, from who the outline is a given fact, were sprayed upon a wall, scanned, digitalized and converted to video animation. By projecting the layers back on the wall, the layers from the graffiti piece that are underneath the paint, are being brought back towards the surface. This way it becomes possible to create endless variations, using the different elements from the different designs.

With AR graffiti WERC wants to implement the principles they work with within digital media on graffiti. It’s a way to develop graffiti to the next level, an artistic research to understand the added value and the possibilities of augmented reality on traditional graffiti. The biggest differences between both are the the element of time and the added digital layer. A graffiti piece is static, a snapshot, a moment in time. AR is dynamic. Thanks to AR different designs can exist next to each other, on top of eachother or at the same time.