Street Fonts Review

Street Fonts is a fresh new graffiti book released a few days ago! Got it a few days ago from Thames and Hudson publisher, so here are the first look pictures and my thoughts about this book.

Street Fonts is a typical book for you're coffee table to look in it time to time for inspiration or juist enjoy you're favorite writer. The book covers Graffiti Alphabets done by 150 different graffiti writers from around the world, more then 400 illustrations, 318 pages makes this a heavy 1,7kilo book (or better call it a almanac) one of the best books in recent years!

"Each artist was given the same brief: to design all twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet. How they approached this task and selected the media with which to express their ideas was entirely up to them." Every artist is doing this on his or her own way. Some made the alphabet on paper with pencil or markers, digital illustrations and others write the alphabet on a wall and made pictures off it. This gives the book a great variation and a good picture of the writers his/her style. There is also a short biography included, the crew name(s), the year when a writer has start to write, the favorite letter(s). That makes this book a very complete graffiti book for everyone!

Order the British book here and the German version here. Special thanks too Thames and Hudson publisher and MadC

UK edition: ISBN 9780500515594
Deutsche Ausgabe: ISBN 9783791345529
édition française: ISBN 9782350172224
Edizione italiana: ISBN 9788896968307
Edición en español: ISBN 9788425223952
US edition: ISBN 9780500515693