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MONTANA Limited Edition Gear

MONTANA limited edition in collaboration with Moriginal Graphics. This limited shirt designed by Moriginal Graphics will be available from the 17th of april. Only a very limited number of 150 pieces will be available! Collectors Item!

Sketchbook Tee-Shirt

A book of note in the shape of tee-shirt in order to have the best print preview. To express the concepts as well as possible and to visualize the finished product. Available on recto pages and back.

Montana Nitro 2G Color and Cap Test

Montanta Nitro 2G Color and Cap Test!

Twitter is HOT

Street artist Questionmarc recently tweeted all over the side of a building. EVERYONE is getting in on Twitter!


Review Of KRINK K-42 Detailed

Boxing rings

An interesting concept with these “rings pencils”, by the artist Timothy Lilles. They make it possible to draw at any time and are available in limited edition and 8 colors.

Krink x Final Outline Tee

While in Australia for the Krink exhibit, Craig Costello got together with the Final Outline to celebrate the relaunch of the online retailer’s website. The tee features depicts the Krink-covered post box, but was swapped for an Australian one. The tee is limited to only 100 in black and white, and comes with a Krink marker and sticker too. You can get it now through Final Outline’s website.

Flutter The New Twitter

Flutter The New Twitter!

Lastplak Oles "Shower Time" Signed Graffiti Urban Art Print

Lastplak is: Oles, Boortorrie, Sake, Acab, Grrt, Pinwin, Ox-Alien, Ces53, Yen, Mayb and Sterf. The word 'Lastplak' is sort of a play on words in the Dutch language. It is a combination of the old-fashioned word "lastpak" (an annoying person or a pain in the ass) and the word 'plak' (from 'plakken', which means to stick or paste). Combining these words would mean something along the lines of an annoying sticker. Also it can mean an irritating person who puts up stickers or disturbing messages spread using the sticker as medium to do this.

Montana 94 Cap Test

Spanish Montana recently released the MTN 94 spray paint. These cans are the most advanced low pressure spray cans. Due to their sensitive valve system the cans can be used for very detailed work. The paint formula is also different. The paint comes out matte and it covers extremely well. Since this spray paint is in a league of its own, we will test it with many of today's popular caps.

KRINK K66 K60 Gold And Copper

WiiSpray graffiti controller

The topic of graffiti is very divisive. Some view it as art, while others perceive it as nothing more than vandalism. Here’s a little something that will fuel that debate, a concept addon controller for the Nintendo Wii that simulates a spray can.

The History of the Half Cab

Super Famicom Cartridge USB Hub

I'm all for mods, hacks and whatnot, but this SNES USB hub goes too far. Removing the innards from Mario Kart, just for a USB hub? Surely, Hong Kong 97 deserves such a fate, no?

Montana Gear Test

Montana Mega Spray Paint All Color Test and Montana Mega Cap Test

Miss Van Tattoo

Looking for a unique miss van tattoo? We got it! Have a look at our miss van tattoo at Tattoos Gallery!

The History Of Krink

The history of Krink is a brief retrospective on KR, a graffiti artist from NYC, who started out by mixing and matching his own inks, markers, and applicators and ultimately turned his product into a globally produced brand.

Kofie’s work in Rockstar Game

Graffiti artist Kofie's work can be seen in Rockstar's upcoming South Central expansion pack for its Midnight Club: Los Angeles video game. Kofie recently had a solo show at 01 Gallery in Los Angeles.

KRINK vs. Belvedere Vodka

At its collaboration with Belvedere Vodka, KRINK Andrew and together produce a marker Krinke color of the bottle. “Year One Rewind” Year One Rewind presents the work of 15 of the artists that were showcased in its monthly online exhibitions during its inaugural year, beginning in May 2007. These works embrace a range of movements from graffiti, street and urban art to pop and and outsider art. Rendered in mediums, from spray paint, oil, acrylic, water color and mixed media, to simple pen and ink, graphic, silkscreen and other transfer methods.

Marker Test – NYC MOP

The NYC Mop is a handmade refillable mop that can be filled with alcohol based inks. The NYC Mop is already covered with black electrical tape for you lazy bastards.

Exploded 2600 T-Shirt

Exploded 2600 Exploded 2600 Show off the innards of the woodgrain wonder with this Exploded 2600 T-Shirt ($17). Displaying the console's awesome vintage hardware, the shirt is printed on an American Apparel tee and is sure to get your joystick in motion. Show off the innards of the woodgrain wonder with this Exploded 2600 T-Shirt ($17). Displaying the console's awesome vintage hardware, the shirt is printed on an American Apparel tee and is sure to get your joystick in motion.


The new long awaited solo album from DOOM (previously known as MF DOOM) is now available. This is his first solo album since MM..FOOD 4 years ago. Guests include Ghostface and Raekwon, Charles Bukowski(?) and some amazing beats by the likes of J Dilla, Jake One, Madlib and the supervillain himself.

Hush at Carmichael Gallery

Video from Hush’s stellar show at Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood. For more about the show visit the Carmichael Gallery. All pics and video via

Fifty One Degrees From Chu

Birmingham Graffiti

Banksy’s ‘Outdoor Artwork’ Protected From Graffiti With Frame

Banksy's 'outdoor artwork' protected from graffiti with frame A new outdoor 'artwork' by the guerrilla spray painter Banksy has been framed by residents – to protect it from graffiti.

New Banksy Painting Vandalised By Graffiti Artists

Banksy has been given a taste of his own spray paint after one of his pieces was vandalised by fellow graffiti artists. Just days after he daubed his work on a wall in Hendon, someone spray-painted over the word PRICE-LESS. They intended to remind Banksy of what urban art was all about, something he may have forgotten through his successful career.

Clout Magazine 11

Crazy Tattoo by Julie Becker

Cap Test – Astro Fat Cap

The Astro Fat cap is considered to be a universal fat cap, meaning that just like the Universal German Outline cap, it will work on most cans.This cap makes a really wide spray and works great for quick fill-ins. The Astro Fat cap works on the following spray paint brands: Rustoleum, Montana Hardcore, Belton Molotow and Ironlak.

HAMAZ 2 (2008)

Hamaz 2! The second installment of the subway graffiti series from Poland. Featuring the KHS, 7DC and OCK crews smashing some of the biggest subway

YL Rusto Female Caps

Have you tried changing the cap on a Rustoleum Painter's Touch spray paint can? If you did, you were in for a big surprise. The

Dutch Railway Anti Graffiti Stickers

At Night

Eco Minded Street Art

Eco-minded street artist Edina Tokodi is putting a new spin on green guerilla tactics in the trendy art enclave of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tokodi’s site-specific moss installations of prancing animal figures and camouflage outgrowths are the talk of a local urban neighborhood typically accustomed to gallery hype and commercial real estate take-overs. Unlike the market-driven art featured in sterile, white box galleries, the work of Tokodi is meant to be touched, felt, and in turn touch you in the playful ways that her animated installations call to mind a more familiar, environmentally friendly state in the barren patches of urban existence.

The Publics Opinion On Banksy

Medicom Toy – Bearbrick Royale Fam

Artoyz has just received the set of Bearbrick 100% + 400% realized in collaboration with the sneaker customize SBTG Singapore. Available now on the online shop Artoyz.

Hard to Burn 3

Ibiza Graffiti

Five young art students from Ibiza have been fined €2400 each for painting on walls in San Antonio. The incident took place in March 2007 when the lads had had a few beers and decided to decorate the walls which unfortunately were private property. It's a thorny old problem whether Graffiti should be regarded as street art or vandalism. Here are some examples taken from Ibiza's facades – you decide!