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Style Wars reviewed by NY Times

27 years after its release, here is the NY Times review of the documentary Style Wars...

Original Chuck Taylor Stickers For Free!

The Convers 'StreetTeam' Benelux sending free Chuck Taylor stickers to people. Mail them with your address and they will send them to you!

Graffiti Magazine Cover – isssue 7

MR.COCONUT has posted couple of pics taken from at the covershooting of the GM´s 7th issue.

Molotow Marker User Guide 2.0

The Molotow Marker User Guide is printed and in stores now. The pocket sized Guide showcase the complete Molotow Marker and Ink Range and give helpful informations on our new products like One4All, the Transformer System, the different seals and useful tips.

INTERVIEW LAHE publisched a interviewof a gifted female graffiti artist Lahe from Sevilla Spain.

Street Art Painting, Graffiti Exhibition


DUB CNN 2, Graffiti Magazine

Free danish HipHop Magazine DUB CNN 2 hit the streets

Bringing art to the trains

ACTION PAINTING bringing art to the trains. A new graffiti book is coming out in May! Like Banksy's book "Wall and Piece" made it possible for readers to get into the Street Art material, "ACTION PAINTING" now opens the door for people to get a deeper look into the phenomenon of graffiti on trains.

HAMAZ 3 Trailer

HAMAZ 3 is comming soon! Hamaz is a graffiti video from Poland with the crews 7DC, KHS and OCK represent.

Banksy Exhibition, London

Andipa Gallery is proud to present a selling exhibition of rare works by the UK's leading urban artist, Banksy, including the largest canvas ever to come on the market. All of the works on display are from the gallery's collection, built up over the last three years.

Ewok Skins

Threesome, Graffiti Exhibition Berlin

Art Bastard presents Threesome an international group-show. The exhibition opens on saturday, april 18th at 7pm. Date: 18.04. - 03.06.09. with: 0717 (AT), 44flavours (D), Alex Diamond (US), Atle Ostrem (NO), Beastman (AUS), Biserama (D), CiahCiah (PL), Chin Keeler (UK), Das Mo (D), deerBLN (D), Diana Köhne (D), dust (D), Escif (ES), Eva Krusche (D), Evelyn Hahn (D), Felix Gephart (D), Formfieber (D), Helene Pe (FR), HotCheeseCrew (D), Joey Potts (US), Justin KThe Krah (GR), Timrobot (D), … (US), Karo Knitter (D), Kid Cash (D), Martin Whatson (NO), Matthewthehorse (UK), Matt Cipov (US), Mike Friedrich (D),Peachbeach (D), Philipp Zurmöhle (D), Sebastian Otto (D), Sean Lyman (US), Stefan Joch (AT), Steph (D, Flyermotiv).


Shit man, all of it! To be honest there is way to much to get into specifics and I have already rambled way to much as all is all I can say is anything to do with TSL or Swindle, you know it was real good people and real good times!

The Art of Stencil Graffiti

Pochoirs - The Art of Stencil Graffiti Video


The BOMBS AWAY! show opened last night at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. There is already photos up from the opening!

123Klan and MSK in Hollywood

Montreal based 123 Klan and Rime MSK in Hollywood California. Rime's work was recently showcased at Disney's Bloc 28 gallery.

RT Crew, London

Fresh new video from RT Crew in London, featuring Towns and Alfa rocking a nice wall.

Molotow Energy Drink

Yes its official, we´ve prepared a limited amount of Energy Drink´s to supply different summer events and equip a few shops. Make sure to grab a can (250ml/32 mg caffeine pr.100 ml) during the summer of 2009. Made in Austria.

30 Customs by 30 Friends

They have reached out to 30 friends and asked them to create a custom toy specifically for this auction. Every cent from the sale of these customs will go directly to help the children they have met in Cambodia. With the help of people that they have met in Cambodia, they will be delivering clothing, shoes, books, paper, pens, and bicycles to children of Siem Reap villages. It has been a passion and a dream of them to use art as a way of helping children and communities all over the World, and they are excited about this first step.

Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition

Interview with Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant about the old and new Subway Art book and a look at their favorite photospots in NYC.

POP Graffiti Markers

The POP Markers have been around for quite some time now. They are very popular in China, where they are manufactured. They are permanent paint markers, and have a huge 30mm calligraphy style tip and they come in the colors Black, Light Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.

Kidrobot ‘Rainy Day’ Dunny

Kidrobot have come out with a special edition 3? Dunny designed by Jon Burgerman. What makes it so special you ask? It will only be available at local Kidrobot stores on days when it has rained in that particular city. You can also purchase them through Kidrobot’s website on days when it’s ‘raining’ on their homepage.

Odense Dont Stop jam @ Denmark

A little something for the danish viewers, 10 minutes of video from the Odense Dont Stop jam...

Faces & Laces, Moscow

streetwear brands / limited editions & fashion innovations / clothing design & graphics / retrospective view & actual collections / exclusive sneakers & designer toys / photography & subcultural art / DJ sets & live performance

Montana REDBAG

Montana REDBAG is a small and handy accessoiries bag... now available!


Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: BOMBS AWAY! Featuring works on canvas as well as spray-painted model trains of various sizes and LIVE SPRAYING on the opening night, BOMBS AWAY!

Kidrobot HQ Edition

Just recently a bunch of photographs of Kidrobot’s headquarters in New York were uploaded to Flickr. For toy enthusiasts, the office is most likely a dream come true and reads like a collector’s fantasy toy list.

SuikoOne Girls

SuikoOne writer from Japan with the "Graffiti on Girls" number, however, contrary to the current trend very fresh, there are more pictures after the jump, Suikos website here.

LastPlak in Los Angeles

The Dutch graffiti crew LastPlak take over L.A.

Queens Arrive, Grafiiti Exhibition by Fafi

Queens Arrive A group exhibition curated by Indie 184. Queenz Arrive celebrates selected matriarchs of contemporary graffiti culture. This elite group of international female artists will showcase their intricate styles and personalities; bringing a refreshing perspective on the street art gallery scene. The show runs from April 10th to May 4th 2009.

Molotow Transformer Marker

New from Molotow: The Transformer marker system! Create your own marker by choosing the body size and a head of choice! Empty or Filled we have em all! Start by choosing the body size: A Short body, if you like a small pocket size marker or a Long body if you would like some more capacity! Then next: choose from 3 different size Marker heads: The standard 15mm, The 30mm and the 50mm!

Kidrobot Dunny ‘Endangered’ Series

Here we have the latest Dunny toys from Kidrobot. Their new Endangered series consists of 15 blind-boxed Dunnies designed by such names as Frank Kozik, Jeremyville, Joe Ledbetter, Kronk, Michelle Valigura, Mr. Shane Jessup, Sket One, etc… They release May 21st.

Pentel Squeezable Markers

These Pentel markers are made in Japan, and are of the absolute highest quality. They are the perfect little marker for any graffiti writer. Not only do they pack a nice chisel tip similar to the Krink K71, but they are also squeezable! You can get perfectly clean tags, and if you squeeze them while you write you can get drips as well. What more could you ask for in a chisel tipped paint marker?

Happy Easter from Above

Outrage over AIG bonuses with taxpayer money has taken many forms, but street artist Above gave it an Easter twist. Whether you’re searching for Easter eggs or those billions of dollars in bailout money, Above’s response echoes many taxpayer’s sentiments, in a more creative way than most.

Graffiti in the Community

What a brilliant advert for graffiti as a positive influence on communities. Let’s hope this is used as an example to encourage similar projects to roll out across the UK in the near future.

Sneaker Customization

Customized sneakers is a real business and a trent all over the world! Check out some nice pics from Stylekonstruktor and Sicksystems. Clean and impressive work.


Who knew dripping paint on a wall could get you worldwide fame! Well if you’re the mastermind behind a revolutionary brand such as KRINK you may well be on your way. Not content with regular paint and spray, Craig Costello (aka KR) set out to concoct a mixture to blow minds and fill his pockets with loot!

Brazil Raw Handstyles

Raw handstyles from Brazil. really got their own style of tags so fresh!

Montana Jam – April the 4th "Grodno"

April, the 4th in a small Belorussian old town Grodno, just on the Polish border, MONTANA in Belorussia started the series of international Jams. Till the beginning of the summer the Jam will come to many other Belorussian cities.

KRINK Fire Extinguisher

"Today the new KR exhibition opens at Don’t Come Gallery in Melbourne and we can already give you a little preview of what there is to come. Aside from his usual drop paintings and applications, the artist produced some custom KR Krink fire extinguishers and they came out sick.