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Crack and Shine, Graffiti Book

Word reaches us there’s another London graffiti book coming out in July. Wait ages for a London graffiti book and like our own transport system two come along at once!

Super7 Zombie have the newest release of the Super7 Zombie Escaregot Vinyl Figure! This version refers to the colors of the Bandai Frankenruge. Frankenruge was a villain from the 1970’s Japanese Television show, Barom-1.

Girl Graffiti Movie

Get you nailpolish, lipstick, marker and spraycans out.

Montana Balltip Marker Test

Montanta reviewing there new product the Balltip marker - "a very simple and rugged refillable empty marker with a duroplastic body."

Omin, Foes Crew

Check out a really fresh video featuring Omin from Foes Crew, Ireland.

KRINK vs. Carhartt

"As part of their Spring/Summer 2009 Collection, Carhartt got together with Krink. The collaboration consists of an exclusive set of three K-71 permanent markers, that includes a customized version of the infamous Carhartt Dearborn Canvas brown. As an add-on they also produced a t-shirt series, limited to 250 pieces, as well as 250 limited edition silkscreen posters. Both the markers and the t-shirts come in re-usable canvas bags in the distinctive colors of the market set. A release is set some time in the near future."


The long awaited Feel Mode 2 DVD has finally dropped.

Iam “ink and movemet”

After its successful opening in New York arrives in Madrid.

Installation 5 Scion Art Tour NYC

NYC stop of the Installation 5 Scion Art Tour

No Name, No Fame Book Review

New book coming from Finland in June 2009. 200 pages and 650 photos of graffiti from Finland and world wide, check the preview video here.

Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition, Book Review

Last Friday I finally brought a copy of this special edition of the Subway Art, from here I can only say that it is incredible larger than before, with a great format and size and much material never before seen so far, I do recommend that you at least see.

Seen Painting For Louis Vuitton

The New York subway graffiti legend, Seen is doing some of his graffiti for Louis Vuitton. This is a video clip of him producing his work on the walls at Louis Vuitton.

Interview Dalek

Dalek Interview in Conjunction for Parisian Show with Mike Giant, Dalek and Mike Giant have a show currently on display at Parisian Gallery Galerie Magda Danysz. As one of our favorite vector-based artistic creators, we're more than hyped on this great video interview with Dalek. Watch. Learn. Enjoy.


Nice Host18 video from an old abandoned theater

Montana Easter Yellow

The Daddies Nasty Sons Crew (DNS) from Holland have a short post on there blog about the season color "Montana Easter Yellow".

Smart Crew, Graffiti Video

Smart Crew Time Lapse - Wild Style Graffiti Tribute from smart crew on Vimeo.

Public Provocations at Carhartt Gallery, Basel.

Public Provocations @ Carhartt Gallery, Basel. Opening @ 6th june till august 2009. Line up: Seen (usa), Reyes (usa), Blek le Rat (f), AlexOne (f), ZEDZ (nl), Dare (ch), Toast (ch), ecb (d), Flying Fortress (d), Projektionsareal (d), Stefan Winterle (d), Krell (d), Stefan Strumbel (d).

The Shadow Project

Katie Sokoler’s latest project, she put up black shadows around the streets of Brooklyn, and then took well-timed photographs of the results. Check out her blog to see her process along with more photos.

Dolla Solo Show at Bold Hype Orlando


Graffiti The Art Of Vandalism Video

Short documentary from San Marcos, Texas.

BLISSS Graffiti Magazine

Check out the latest issue of BLISSS magazine featuring REVOK on the cover as well as a great interview with Revok by Jersey Joe. Visit to find out more and buy exclusive products.

Rock City Funk

Jcee, Poser and Kode from legendary Adelaide crew: RCF (Rock City Funk) get busy with Ironlak.

Guerilla Style DVD and Magazine

"Guerilla style" documented in the book and a DVD of the interesting names streetart scene. With Futura2000, Rammelzee, BlekleRat, Banksy, Space Invader, WK Interact, OsGemeos, Noki, Zevs and Miss Van.

Chrome and Black Store, Video

Chrome and Black Store

Sabotaz Sketch Contest

Sabotaz spray paint is hosting a sketch contest. First prize is $100 of Sabotaz paint. Winners will also be featured on the Sabotaz website and newsletter. The deadline for the sketches is on May 1st 2009.

Hot Spots 2 Graffiti Video

Here is the trailer for Hot Spots 2 - Adrenaline.

MF Doom – Microwave Mayonaise


No Guts No Glory issue 6

The No Guts No Glory # 6 is out. The magazine from Cologne presents itself again with a lot of old school flavor. As always beautiful styles from walls, trains, bombing. The whole thing in 88 pages.

Barley Legal, Graffiti Video

Nice mix of footage from the Barley Legal graffiti jam, interviews with writers and good dubstep music in this 10 minute video.

Strictly Subways, Graffiti Magazine

Out Today, Spring 2009 Issue. Fifteen cities, 56 pages, strictly subways.

International Graffiti Festival, Poland

Graf Fest, International Graffiti Festival in Gdansk (poland)

Ironlak Limited Edition

A sneak peak of our first two cans from our new limited edition artist series of cans. The first two are from AUGOR (Ironlak Team USA) and REALS (Ironlak Team Australia). Introducing; Augor's Blackout and Reals Sublime.

Vandal Squad debate video part 3

Ellis G and Cope 2 talks about their experiences with the Donut Squad and the pigs call graffiti a worldwide epidemic.

New York Street Advertising Takeover

This past Saturday over 120 illegal billboards were white-washed and covered with art in New York City by a team of volunteers and artists. The guerrilla operation was organized by The Public Ad Campaign over the past four months.

Suicide Girls Fight Club

Dalek and Mike Giant Exhibition, Paris

Though they have very different styles they talk about the same culture, the same influences, the same world. Dalek is one of the artists who as Shepard Fairey, Dave Kinsey, and Twist (aka Barry McGee) is taking the old school styles of graffiti and while exposing the work towhole new audiences at the same time. Mike Giant has added the whole tattoo culture to his graffiti background.

Interview ABOVE, Stencil Artist

ABOVE, the prolific street artist best known for his wooden arrow mobiles, clever wordplay pieces and most recently, his social and political commentary stencils, has long been putting up work throughout the world that both brings huge smiles and invokes serious contemplation. As long time fans, AM was thrilled to gain further insight into ABOVE’s recent work, thoughts on the economic crisis and his whirlwind journey during his “South Central” tour.

Vizo Tribute, Graffiti Video

This has been on HurtYouBad for weeks now but i wanted to post it anyways, it’s the Audio Bullys tribute to the late London graffiti writer Vizo. To give you a bit of context, the lead singer from Audio Bullys was in GFS crew alongside Vizo.

JustWritingMyName Exhibition, Sweden

Just Writing My Name Malmö, Sweden takes place at 29th - 30th of may 2009 at International Urban Arts Manifestation.

Grillen und Lackieren, Graffiti Exhibition (de)

The "Grillen und Lackieren" event is taking place on the 2nd of may 2009 at the Anne Frank Haus at Salierstrasse 42 in 32423 Minden. It starts at 12 o'clock and artists like Poet, Desk7, Dr. Ink, Shaw and many others will be there.