Mark Bode – Cartoons, tattoos, wizards and lizards from another reality

ArTicks Gallery presents Da’ Bodé in Amsterdam

Mark Bodé doesn’t really create characters- he knows them. When he describes them, and the worlds they inhabit, he’s talking about an alternate reality which, in the late 60s, leapt from the Bodé imagination into comics and then became entrenched in graffiti and spray can art the world over. Yet there is no arrogance in his descriptions. Mark Bodé is a foreign correspondent stationed in the strangest and most colourful outlying regions of the psyche, faithfully reporting the events and people that he observes, transcribing them for his audience in the bold lines and vivid colours that are a hallmark of his work. In July 2012, Amsterdam experiences these characters first-hand when ArTicks Gallery hosts an exhibition of his art.

ArTicks Gallery exhibition
On July 20th 2012, he visits Amsterdam for a solo show at ArTicks Gallery, the up-and-coming underground contemporary art gallery making a name for itself on the Singel canal (not only due to the exuberant nature of their exhibition openings). Last year ArTicks exhibited recent works by graffiti giant Steven BLADE Ogburn, a writer so prolific in 70s New York that he was known as the King of Trains. Following the successful and dynamic collaboration work between Mr. Ogburn and renowned local artist Daniel RECAL Oosterman, interest is running high among the Amsterdam contemporary underground and street art scene in possible collaborative work with Mark. The Bodé worlds can look forward to a few more occupants, bringing a touch of Amsterdam style with them.

‘Da’ Bodé In Amsterdam’ runs from July 20th through August 4th.