Graffiti Asia x Book Review

A few days a go i went on book hunt, picked up two books at the shop "From Spoor 2 Spoor" (dutch graffiti on trains from 2005 - 2006) and "Graffiti Asia". First im gonna make a short review of the last book.

Graffiti Asia is made by a graffiti writer from Japan, Very One. He start his journey in early 2009 around Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and China. His mission make a book about Asian Graffiti in on year visiting eighteen places in asia, telling about about the background an foundations of the local graffiti scene. Interviews with local artists provide an insight into the life of the graffiti artist in countries far removed from graffiti's origins in the US. They discuss the most popular graffiti locations, the attitudes of each country to the idea of graffiti art, and the network of established and emerging artists across the region.

Includes a DVD of a 20-minute documentary, giving an insight into the Asian graffiti culture.

ISBN: 978-1-85669-649-4
127 Pages / Full Color