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Schijn-Referendum 2016


KBTR Book Review

Hello our name is LASTPLAK and we love to paint!

MuurMag 4 Review

MuurMag Issue 3 Review

Canela Magazine Issue 1 + 2 Review

Canela Magazine from Barcelona has the focus on the street and trains of Spain and the rest of Europe. In this magazine u find many pictures of graffiti trains and walls an interview in their own design, Spanish language.

Bomber Megazine Issue 39/40

Bomber Megazine issue 39/40 featuring train writers ALTER (DE) and NAWAS (BE) and subway adventures of the 'tunnel OWL' + Kill the editor by MR.Mister

Very Nearly Almost Issue 17

VNA 18 is coming soon! But here is a closer look inside Very Nearly Almost street art magazine issue 17

From Station 2 Station

From Station to Station is a unique document that represents the greatest graffiti on Dutch steel during the years 2005-2006.

Very Nearly Almost 14

Here are some inside pictures from the new VNA issue 14.

Street Fonts Review

Bomber Megazine Issue 37/38 Review

It's the impressive new issue from the world famous Bomber Megazine. In this new dubble issue 37/38 is featuring photoreports from ARGUE the world biggest subway crusader, WCA Crew straight from Milan, Italy. 1UP Crew Berlin and a new column called "High Fives" with five questions for five writers who appear in the Dutch train scene; DINS, RE-G, UNREAL, VINCE, UNOKS. And many exclusive pictures from trainwriting and the best graffiti around the world.

Utah & Ether x Probation Vacation x Review

Probation Vacation is a debut book from Utah & Ether. Again a real must have for the street-art collectors! With the subtitle "paradise is very nice" is this little 6" x 6" limited edition book telling the true story some of two graffiti artist living for paint with impressive action photo's of the street, metro's and sleeping at a tennis court.

Don’t Sleep Magazine Issue 2 Review

Yesterday i was getting a big envelope from the other side of the world, Australia. Inside i found issue two from the cute (A5 format) looking "Don't Sleep Magazine". This street culture magazine is all about photo's, no text no interviews but dirty and rough pictures from the streets of Australia. Packed in a brown retro envelope makes this magazine a real must have for collectors, 66 Pages full color, A5 format.

MuurMag Issue 2 x Review

Here are the inside pictures of MuurMag Issue 2. The magazine tries to give street art more credit and fame with bigger and better pictures! MuurMag is a new street art magazine focused on sticker and stencil art in Europe.

Graffiti Asia x Book Review

A few days a go i went on book hunt, picked up two books at the shop "From Spoor 2 Spoor" (dutch graffiti on trains from 2005 - 2006) and Graffiti Asia. First im gonna make a short review of the last book. Graffiti Asia is made by a graffiti writer from Japan, Very One. He start his journey in early 2009 around Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and China. His mission make a book about Asian Graffiti in on year visiting eighteen places in asia, telling about about the background an foundations of the local graffiti scene.

MuurMag Issue 1 Excusive Review

We’ve got the exclusive pictures from the new glossy street art magazine MuurMag. The magazine tries to give street art more credit and fame with bigger and better pictures and that succeeded! MuurMag issue 1 is a limited edition of 100, 38 pages full color.