For over ten years, the duo regularly Pandacrew down the mountains of China for their favorite mammal exposed everywhere in France. TC and ANT (aka PNDK) have made this little black and white bear true icon of their work. They also expose the Cave of Jimmy's Pub (Strasbourg) from 4 to 20 June (opening on Thursday 4 June from 18h).

SteelSmash 1.0

SteelSmash 1.0 is now available in Germany, Danish Crews like SSH, MHD, THE, MOA, BSQ from Copenhagen.

Zoo York Graffiti Series Decks

Here we have a new set of decks by Zoo York. Their ‘Graffiti Series’ decks were inspired by Zoo York’s roots, and were designed by French graffiti artist, Gorey. Zoo York is also holding a contest. To win one of the decks, follow their Twitter, and over the next three weeks pay attention to their trivia questions. First one to answer correctly will win a ‘Graffiti Series’ deck.

Subway Swings

Some urban pranksters out in San Francisco recently installed swings on a few BART train cars. The resulting photos are awesome.

The Vader Project, Pittsburgh

The Vader Project is curated by Dov Kelemer & Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys who gathered 100 contemporary artists. Each of them was given a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the STAR WARS™ films.

All City Jam, Dublin

Fresh video from the All City Jam in Dublin, Easter 2009.

Graffiti Box, Kids Game!

Ravensburger dares to new terrain: the line "GraffitiBox" brings the games manufacturers four sets for kids from seven years on the French market.

How To: Stomp the rest out of your spraycan

Just seen Bates’ protip for getting the last drops of paint out of your can and he credits Loomit for teaching him that.

Parra ‘The Disco of Italo’

Parra is getting ready to open his first ever solo exhibit in Italy at Milan’s Galleria Patricia Armocida. For the exhibit, the Dutch artist will present canvases, original drawings, new prints, posters, and a site-specific installation. The title, ‘The Disco of Italo’, is an amusing homage to the phenomenon of “Italo Disco”, a term coined in 1983 by a German named Bernhard Mikulski, which later became famous worldwide as the synonym for dance music made in Italy. The exhibit runs for a month from May 19th to June 19th.

Molotow "Use Cans For Art Not For Vandalism!"

Molotow "Use Cans For Art Not For Vandalism!" Advertisement in the first issue of the italian Magazine Egowar from Salerno which documents Graffiti Writing on international Subways only. Photo taken by german photographer Nils Müller. Egowar is available now.

Eastpak “Tag My Bag” SICH

Artist name: Sich Age: 29 years Occupation: Artist humorist Location: Paris Website: Read more after the jump!

Halbstark Issue 1

Halbstark Magazine #01 features on 35 pages international Walls and Interviews from Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Erfurt, Barcelona, Kapstadt and New York '78.

Kidrobot x SGT-Robot

Kidrobot worked with artist Dave White on the Sgt. Robot. The toy comes in two colorways - army green and black. Limited to 600 pieces in each colorway, the toy will be released on June 4th and will go for 50 USD. The artist will also attend the release of the toy on June 4th in New York and on June 5th in Miami.

Pose Using Montana Alien, Graffiti Video

Here’s an interesting video of the graffiti writer, Pose painting a wall using Montana Alien paint. The video was shot as a time lapse to show the progress Pose makes as he paints the wall.

Invasian Issue 3

The Invasian Magazine #3 is available. 112 full color pages in English with Japanese and Chinese translation. That issue feature Rime and Persue interview/ Chek from Taiwan/ Tilt’s Bubble Girl/ Lush’s travel journal/ Jing the Singapore photographer/ Asia police car/ Kims of Indonesia/ The Notorious MSG/ D-coy/ Asian Tattoo/ Shop Guide/ Graf tools/ Events and Shows/ Fashion/ Asia graf spots/ Sketches/ Illustrations/ Designs/ Movies/ Music/ Games/ Street wear/ Toys/ Plus In depth graffiti works from all over Asia. See the preview on their website.

Criminal Minded 2 Trailer

Criminal Minded 2 Trailer

New York Street Advertising Takeover

Tons of documentation is coming in from last month’s incredible New York Street Advertising Takeover, where hoards of artists and every day people came together to reclaim the streets by covering over 120 of New York’s illegal billboards with art. The project was organized by the Public Ad Campaign. Check out these three videos from the project.

Reverse Graffiti Project

Reverse graffiti artist Moose makes a big statement about clean in San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel. Shot by documentarian Doug Pray. For most information visit

Fafi vs. Adidas

Later this year the third collaborative collection between adidas Originals and French artist Fafi will be released. Today we can already give you an early look at a sneaker from the collection - the Honey Mid. The mid top sneaker comes in a white leather colorway with metallic accents and Fafi graphics across all side-panels.

Vans: Off the Wall, Stories of Sole From Vans Originals

Documenting their 40+ year history, Vans will be releasing their first book, Vans: Off the Wall, Stories of Sole from Vans Originals.

Crack and Shine, Graffiti Book

Word reaches us there’s another London graffiti book coming out in July. Wait ages for a London graffiti book and like our own transport system two come along at once!

Super7 Zombie have the newest release of the Super7 Zombie Escaregot Vinyl Figure! This version refers to the colors of the Bandai Frankenruge. Frankenruge was a villain from the 1970’s Japanese Television show, Barom-1.

Girl Graffiti Movie

Get you nailpolish, lipstick, marker and spraycans out.

Omin, Foes Crew

Check out a really fresh video featuring Omin from Foes Crew, Ireland.


The long awaited Feel Mode 2 DVD has finally dropped.

Iam “ink and movemet”

After its successful opening in New York arrives in Madrid.

No Name, No Fame Book Review

New book coming from Finland in June 2009. 200 pages and 650 photos of graffiti from Finland and world wide, check the preview video here.

Seen Painting For Louis Vuitton

The New York subway graffiti legend, Seen is doing some of his graffiti for Louis Vuitton. This is a video clip of him producing his work on the walls at Louis Vuitton.


Nice Host18 video from an old abandoned theater

Montana Easter Yellow

The Daddies Nasty Sons Crew (DNS) from Holland have a short post on there blog about the season color "Montana Easter Yellow".

Smart Crew, Graffiti Video

Smart Crew Time Lapse - Wild Style Graffiti Tribute from smart crew on Vimeo.

Public Provocations at Carhartt Gallery, Basel.

Public Provocations @ Carhartt Gallery, Basel. Opening @ 6th june till august 2009. Line up: Seen (usa), Reyes (usa), Blek le Rat (f), AlexOne (f), ZEDZ (nl), Dare (ch), Toast (ch), ecb (d), Flying Fortress (d), Projektionsareal (d), Stefan Winterle (d), Krell (d), Stefan Strumbel (d).

The Shadow Project

Katie Sokoler’s latest project, she put up black shadows around the streets of Brooklyn, and then took well-timed photographs of the results. Check out her blog to see her process along with more photos.

Graffiti The Art Of Vandalism Video

Short documentary from San Marcos, Texas.

BLISSS Graffiti Magazine

Check out the latest issue of BLISSS magazine featuring REVOK on the cover as well as a great interview with Revok by Jersey Joe. Visit to find out more and buy exclusive products.

Guerilla Style DVD and Magazine

"Guerilla style" documented in the book and a DVD of the interesting names streetart scene. With Futura2000, Rammelzee, BlekleRat, Banksy, Space Invader, WK Interact, OsGemeos, Noki, Zevs and Miss Van.

Sabotaz Sketch Contest

Sabotaz spray paint is hosting a sketch contest. First prize is $100 of Sabotaz paint. Winners will also be featured on the Sabotaz website and newsletter. The deadline for the sketches is on May 1st 2009.

Hot Spots 2 Graffiti Video

Here is the trailer for Hot Spots 2 - Adrenaline.

Barley Legal, Graffiti Video

Nice mix of footage from the Barley Legal graffiti jam, interviews with writers and good dubstep music in this 10 minute video.

Strictly Subways, Graffiti Magazine

Out Today, Spring 2009 Issue. Fifteen cities, 56 pages, strictly subways.