Reptoid Magazine Issue 8 Preview

Either is love for your girlfriend, love for a brother who passed away way too early, or just the love for the trains. This is Reptoid #8 - the love edition! Focus is like allways on the Swedish grounds. Stockholm commuters, subways, intercitytrains, doubledeckers, commuters, dieselrunners.. you know the deal! Also got some nice pages filled with trains from Holland, Germany, Italy, just to mention some.

Supakitch x Koralie x Posca

Documentary and interview of street artists Supakitch and Koralie for the website of the markers brand POSCA.

Unboxing x Sticky Monster Lab

Sticky Monster Lab Standing 6 inch each, The Monsters series are priced at 52,800(KRW) each, as well another fabric-sweat wearing series named SML+KE ae priced at 43,000(KRW) each. Check out the other 3 x unboxing vids on their Vimeo stream. Check out this page for availability.

Blood Brothers, Group Show x Wootini Gallery, NC – UPDATE

Wootini Gallery is proud to present Blood Brothers, a group show by a trifecta of talent: Abe Lincoln Jr., Evoker and MCA. It was inevitable for these artists’ mischievous, cute, strange and wonderful work to come crashing together in one show. You can see their artwork publicly, lining the streets on stickers, in galleries around the world and in boutiques on vinyl art figures for Toy2R and Kidrobot. All are influenced by culture and cartoons, yet each has a distinct art style that translates fluidly from the streets to canvas to vinyl.

Buff Monster & Nathan Jurevicius x Omi Serie 1

Munky King is gearing up for the Series 1 Omi release which is happening on March 3rd, from 7-10pm! This first series includes designs from Luke Chueh, Kozik, Buff Monster, Yoskay Yamamoto, Greg Simkins, Nathan Jurevicius, Dave Pressler and Ferg. Along with the release of the series, MK continues to release peeks at new color variants of submitted designs and today we are getting a look at Buff Monster and Nathan Jurevicius' alt colorways.

Exhibition Sickboy x Burning Desire Recaps

The third February in a mini-gallery in Montana store in Lisbon, an exhibition of street artist from London Sickboy. From 3 Feb till 28 Feb 2011.

123KLAN x REEL 2011

123klan showing work what they have made to make a fresh start in 2011

Eastpak x Fake

Dutch stencil artist FAKE and eastpak bags are coming with a exclusive designed stencil eastpak bag pack, it will be up for auction soon!

Molotow x Pigment Chalk Spray

The Molotow™ Pigment Spray is particularly designed for all temporary applications, e.g. on asphalt, concrete walls, wood, grit, gras, trees whatever you want to spray at. And of course many artists use it as special effect-color for art applications. The natural chalk pigments disappear as a result of weather influence or by cleaning with water. It will be touch dry after a few minutes and effect lighty out after 30 minutes.

MTN Colors 2011 x Official Calendar

To save paper MTN-World comes in 2011 with a Free printable calander.. yey start knock down some trees and hit the print button!

Street Fonts, Book

A new great book’s just out. “Street Fonts” by MadC. Over 150 graffiti writers from around the world designed ABC’s especially for this book including black and white sketches, sculptures, digital illustrations, painted walls and many others. The results give an insight into the Street Art and Graffiti world of today and into the creative process in general. 320 pages, more than 400+ Illustrations. Available in 6 different editions in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

UNLIKE U x Trainwriting in Berlin

UNLIKE U trainwriting in berlin melts into a scene, which for outsiders, is hard to comprehend. Portrais four generations of sprayers in Berlin, of which the oldest of the hardcore artists is already over 40 years old, while the youngest are around 17. All protagonists have one thing in common. Each one has sprayed countless trains in their lives, some of them even over a 1000.

Graffomat x Teleshopping

GRAFFOMAT is entering the market with a new state of the art graffiti supply vending machine!

Kaws Light Bulbs

In his paintings and limited-edition toys, Brian Donnelly, a Brooklyn-based artist who goes by the name of KAWS, frequently riffs on cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the Simpsons, crossing out their eyes with X’s. For his latest project, Mr. Donnelly set his sights on a more utilitarian target: the incandescent bulb.

Custom Tabasco Dunny x Sket One

Sket One 8” Custom Tabasco Dunny – ONLY 10 pcs available -Friday, January 28th at 1pm (est) - You get an 8” custom Tabasco dunny signed and numbered along with a custom pine box with logo engraved top, and lastly a miniature 1/8Fl. oz. glass bottle of Tabasco.

On The Run x SABE + GHOST Book Review

Here are some inside pictures from the On The Run "fame serie". Sabe - FYS Crew from Denmark and Ghost - RIS Crew from New York.

Oskunk x Custom Game Console

Found today a great post on about "Oskunk" customizing a Sega DreamCast with the all-time absolute favorite DC title Jet Set Radio (aka Jet Grind Radio in the States). He started drawing when he was little, after discovering vinly toys (munny, bearbrick) he started customizing them. His first custom game console was his own, now he is doing it on request.! Oskunk is inspired by Dran, Myst, Alexone, 123klan, Nasty.

Golden Era Mixtape 2011

Found on the ironlak video editors vimeo a promo for a free mixtape from the Golden Era.

Document Press – Subway Sketchbook

SUBWAY SKETCHBOOK is a notepad with pre-printed outlines of subway cars from 8 of the worlds metropolises. From the late 70s until today, these subway car models have served as the canvases for the most explosive art movement of our times.

Shriiimp Calendar 2011

Looking for the perfect gift for x-mas? The graffiti on girls calendar 2011 from Shr***mp. Limited edition of 300 / 13 pages / 12.5" x 18" (32 cm x 46 cm) and it's only $19.99 !

Meggs x New Screenprints

The artist group 'Everfresh Studio' from Melbourne have some new goodies for x-mas in store, of course a fresh sticker pack! Meggs has two different screenprints "KFAD" and "Hero or Demon"! Looks awesome! I almost regret that I purchased "Own Worst Enemy" a other print from Meggs...

Coarse x Eyes Of Fear

This life-size paw! 27'' (51cm)high bust made from high gloss fiberglass, visage reflects the turmoil experienced in his concluding moments. Bring the monkey-rabbit into your home to gauge the depth of this volatile creature, an extraordinary and once off coarse creation. Sculpted by Mark Landwehr.

Flying Fortress x Sticker Pack

Today the newest sticker pack from Flying Fortress drop on my doormat. FF got five different sticker packs, three different button packs and a "Flying Fortress" Patch for on you're bag or (bomber)jacked!

Group Exhibition ExtraBold Gallery x Grab it!

The group show "Grab it!" at the EXTRABOLD Gallery in Luxembourg, is a mix between small pieces and prints at affordable prices and they will be available straight away. First come first serve. So grab it before it's gone. Artists include: Alexone, Microbo, Cone, Jean Spezial, Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Ephameron, Spike, Sumo, etc.

Sickboy x Wheelie Bin Replica

Sickboy has announced the release of a limited edition collection of original, hand-painted replicas of his most iconic street work — the wheelie bin. Based on a decade’s worth of the artist’s street activities, each replica model is an exact reproduction of the original work as it appeared on real wheelie bins worldwide.

Feiyue x André Sneakers

Feiyue invited French artist André to reinterpret their famous FE-LO tennis shoe in white canvas. In addition to the trademark pink accents and Mr. A logo, André produced his vision of Paris on the shoe’s insole and all over the box. Available starting October 1st. with only one point of sale per country – naturally colette has them for France. 250 pairs worldwide.

Banksy “Choose Your Weapon” Print

Being part of the exhibition Marks & Stencils in London at the moment, Banksy will be releasing the work in the form of a print in the coming weeks, entitled “Choose Your Weapon”. The work first appeared on the streets in London a couple of months ago and will be released as a limited edition print from Pictures on Walls December 2010.

Wall To Wall x MTN Colors

MTN Colors presents Wall2Wall, a scale reproduction of a wall of handmade bricks in which you will present and showcase your best sketches. Thanks to its traditional production, where each piece is unique, you have the sensation of moving your work to one wall of the street in miniature. You can use spray MTN or markers, and join with each other if you want all your crew is represented.

Molotow Transformer™ Refills

The long awaited Molotow TRANSFORMER™ refills complement the marker system. Both inks are alcohol-based, buff-resistent and quick-drying.The handy 60 ml refill will be available in 10 bright colors. The large 250 ml refill is not just a simple refill.

Dieci DOES x Ironlak

A short film exploring the history of Does' (LoveLetters/ Ironlak Team Europe) Ironlak artist series colour 'Dieci Does'.

Tsunami Royals x DVD Trailer

Tsunami Royals DVD is finish and available in your local shop.

Os Gemeos Poster For 1 US Cent

It's unbelievable, a Os Gemeos for 1 US Cent! I was browsing facebook an there was something real nice on KRINK his wall about a Os Gemeos poster. I thought 1 US Cent, it must be a fail from the website. Send them a mail, getting right away response and they confirmed to me that its real..

NBQ Spray Can Review

A few days ago HYB made a review from the new paint/spray can brand "NBQ". The new brand is a self funded company, made by a writer, comes from Barcelona, and has nothing to do with Montana. The cool thing i find in the packaging of the "Cap Dispenser" box.

Flying Fortress x The BLOOOM Art Fair, Cologne

So Analog Group Art Show x Designer Con

"So Analog"is a group exhibition, Designer Con to be held in Pasadena (USA) from November 20, 2010. This show will bring together between 30 and 40 artists who are charged with addressing the new figure.

Ironlak x Limited Edition Artist Series

This weekend sees the release of the latest editions to the Ironlak Limited Edition Artist Series cans along with some brand new colours to the Ironlak range. The latest LE's come in the form of MEKS Magic (formerly Granny), EWOK's Froggy (formerly Gangrene), WANYology Blood (new colour!) and VANS Kryptonite.

VNA 13 x Official Video Trailer

VNA Issue 13 with screenprinted cover by Eine, specialises in massive workings of letters across shop fronts and his full name in paint all over the east end of London.

MuurMag Issue 2

Here is the new “MuurMug” Issue 2! With again a limited edition of 100, 72 pages full color. With the best pictures from the european sticker and stencil scene! You can order it for 10 euro (excl. P&P) by sending an email to

Vhils Book Release Amsterdam

Vhils is set to release a new book of his best works from these latest 5 years entitled “VHILS / Alexandre Farto 2005 – 2010?. The book release will take place in Amsterdam, this Thursday 30th alongside with Slinkachu’s new book and the “Exit through the Gift Shop” movie screening.

Krink x Tom Sachs Marker Set

We worked closely with Tom to create markers that suited specific needs for his work. Tom uses a lot of different markers in his work and he has strict standards related to flow, durability, and archival quality. He tested a wide variety of Krink products and we formulated inks to meet his specs. The K-12 rollerball is a brand new marker tip that Tom is really excited about, It's unique to the market, and is a Krink / Tom Sachs exclusive. We also formulated a new red "Slow Drip Formula" for our K-66 marker meeting Tom's specific specs. Perfect for NASA logos on any surface. We also have a new barrel design and over cap for the Krink K-70. Tom liked the ink and flow properties so much that he felt no change was needed for this Krink classic.