Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition, Book Review

Last Friday I finally brought a copy of this special edition of the Subway Art, from here I can only say that it is incredible larger than before, with a great format and size and much material never before seen so far, I do recommend that you at least see.

Guerilla Style DVD and Magazine

"Guerilla style" documented in the book and a DVD of the interesting names streetart scene. With Futura2000, Rammelzee, BlekleRat, Banksy, Space Invader, WK Interact, OsGemeos, Noki, Zevs and Miss Van.

Molotow Marker User Guide 2.0

The Molotow Marker User Guide is printed and in stores now. The pocket sized Guide showcase the complete Molotow Marker and Ink Range and give helpful informations on our new products like One4All, the Transformer System, the different seals and useful tips.

Bringing art to the trains

ACTION PAINTING bringing art to the trains. A new graffiti book is coming out in May! Like Banksy's book "Wall and Piece" made it possible for readers to get into the Street Art material, "ACTION PAINTING" now opens the door for people to get a deeper look into the phenomenon of graffiti on trains.

Sketchbook Tee-Shirt

A book of note in the shape of tee-shirt in order to have the best print preview. To express the concepts as well as possible and to visualize the finished product. Available on recto pages and back. “Year One Rewind” Year One Rewind presents the work of 15 of the artists that were showcased in its monthly online exhibitions during its inaugural year, beginning in May 2007. These works embrace a range of movements from graffiti, street and urban art to pop and and outsider art. Rendered in mediums, from spray paint, oil, acrylic, water color and mixed media, to simple pen and ink, graphic, silkscreen and other transfer methods.