Expo ‘Rare Shots on Planet X’ – Heerlen | NL

The Origins of Bunny Kitty

Copies are available at

Risk “Old Habits Die Hard”

OLD HABITS DIE HARD By RISK. With text from: Roger Gastman and a foreword by SEEN. 1xRUN is pleased to present the definitive book on

Street Messages


The Hidden Years

South African artist Faith47 will be releasing the second in a personal collectable series of self published zines and limited edition mini screen prints.

ROMA: Linea B book

Roma: Linea B is a visual chronicle of the B side of the city of Rome: graffiti, street art, neighborhoods, architecture.

Somewhere in Cities

"Somewhere in Cities", you can see some moments of life taken from travelling.

Banksy in New York

Hip Hop Family Tree

Comic-book artist Ed Piskor and international fame with “Hip Hop Family Tree”.


The Belgian origin PSK crew celebrates 10 years, and therefore Gerard Fournier photographer, has decided to publish the ‘BELGHOME’ section of his ‘Book + DVD


graffiti book flipthrough

‘I Am 1UP’ Book

3 Letters book

video preview

Same Same™

MOSES & TAPS™ are without a doubt two of the most active and creative writers on earth. Although their avant-garde works often leave traditional paths

Henry Chalfant’s Big Graffiti Archive

A handful of Chalfant's photos have been featured in such books as Subway Art and films like Style Wars. Now for the first time, the entire collection will be made available, released serially over the next year until all 800 trains have been published. The book is designed by Max Hergenrother and the video interviews with the artists of the era are produced by Carl Weston, of Videograf Productions.



Cut and Fold Subway Sketchbook

New book from Dokument Press


The book 'MOURES' (FACES) is a photographic chronicle from years 2000 to 2012, including faces of people as well as faces of trains that coexist


The book documented on 240 pages for the first time trainwriting scene in Ulm. With photographs from the years 2010 to 2013.

Steel Stories

Outsiders Underground Productions presents "STEEL STORIES" The book with photos and stories of train graffiti in Denmark. Release 3 -6 - 2013 Throughout the city's


'Vandals' takes the illegal and dangerous activity on 192 pages to a more personal level, one that is more detailed and yet, more abstract, too. The photos bear witness to the elaborate level of planning required to carry out the acts.

Street Art London

A compilation of the latest and best street art that has graced London’s bare walls, complete with quotes and commentary from the artists themselves.

Alex Fakso – Buenos Aires

VNA present this new video focusing on London-based photographer, Alex Fakso. In his own words, Fakso describes why he never painted and was more interested


A selected flipthrough of our new, full colour MONOKROME book, featuring 33 of the world's most exciting graffiti writers in a luxurious casebound first edition.



Resistance is an Australian hardcover publication compiled of images that document the methods and practices of graffiti culture, not focussing solely on the art itself.



In 2012 Overkill magazine became 20 years. For that reason the usual magazine is transformed into a book.

Stay Up! Los Angeles

Angeles Street Art is an investigation of the global phenomenon of street art.

Preview of the Art of Storytelling

Here’s a preview for the book of the ‘Art of Storytelling’, which features a ton of interviews with Stak TFP, Zephyr, Jor, EYE, El kamino,

KBTR Documentary and Book

The past year has KBTR in collaboration with Studio Booyabase in secret worked on compiling a book on the work of the Dutch Gnome.

Graffiti Coloring Book 3

International Styles is the third coloring book in the popular Graffiti Coloring Book series from Dokument Press. It's filled to the brim with the world's top graffiti styles. Over 60 images of the same number of writers from around the world.

From Station 2 Station

From Station to Station is a unique document that represents the greatest graffiti on Dutch steel during the years 2005-2006.

DA2C & Londres – New World Latin American Street Art

Physe & Basick 'DA2C' were in the signature and official launch of the book 'New World Latin American Street Art', published by Maximiliano Ruiz, was


ABOVE PASSPORT BOXED EDITION examines the street artist that has blanketed the world with art covering over 90 cities in 60 countries. The book includes

Bite it! – Danish Graffiti Magazine

First issue of the Danish magazine Bite it! I first read the edito and I’m pretty down with their vision of doing a magazine “Being realistic, we have abandoned all hope of being first with the latest flicks and are leaving that department to the good ol’internet. Instead Bit it! will be all about in depth quality content and preserving the faith of graffiti for generations to come”.

Graffiti Burners Trailer

Book: History of American Graffiti

This book is bound to ruffle some feathers, While inspire some celebratory dance moves with others… Regardless of how folks feel I have to hand it to Roger and Caleb for putting in the time and effort to take on such an impossible task.

Street Fonts Review