Bomber Megazine Issue 37/38 Review

I was waiting this whole week and finally on friday about 2 o'clock BUMP! on the doormat. It's the impressive new issue from the world famous Bomber Megazine. In this new dubble issue 37/38 is featuring photoreports from ARGUE the world biggest subway crusader, WCA Crew straight from Milan, Italy. 1UP Crew Berlin and a new column called "High Fives" with five questions for five writers who appear in the Dutch train scene; DINS, RE-G, UNREAL, VINCE, UNOKS. And many exclusive pictures from trainwriting and the best graffiti around the world.

After the first minutes browsing true Bomber Megazine i thought "Why is everyone sharing pictures online?" This is the real thing 114 pages with only the best exclusive photos. I really mean exclusive because 99% of the pictures not apear on the internet and are strait from the graffiti writers. Maybe the quality has to do with that Bomber isn't published on a regular base. They make only an issue when they think it's worth to publish.

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