Bite it! – Danish Graffiti Magazine

First issue of the Danish magazine Bite it! I first read the edito and I’m pretty down with their vision of doing a magazine “Being realistic, we have abandoned all hope of being first with the latest flicks and are leaving that department to the good ol’internet. Instead Bit it! will be all about in depth quality content and preserving the faith of graffiti for generations to come”.

The first article was for me the best: some Petro sketching pages with a few words of the writer himself. It’s not a roman but it’s always interesting to understand in a few words why some of us are doing things. The “Feeling blue” pages about the Danish steel trains include top flicks of the old blue Copenhagen train and the interviews of the PT crew and Great show that the Danish old timer have some interesting stories to tell. Bite it! will not show you post stamp size flicks but only big flicks and that is quite relevant to not mention it.

You can have the magazine at French Connection (Copenhagen shop) and soon all over the world. And, if you don’t know their website, check out the Bite it! tumbler here.

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