Banksy in New York

Beginning October 2013, Banksy began an artist residency of a new kind. Instead of investing a specific place (and limited), it will tackle the New York City as a whole. The streets of the city become illegal gallery in the open, in the spirit of what constitutes the essence of Street Art . Each day the artist painted a stencil or performs an installation in the streets of the Big Apple. The photo is then published on its website.

This temporary exhibition, entitled Better Out Than In, is accompanied by an audio guide which reinforces the analogy of the city museum. To listen associated comments, simply dial a toll-free number listed at the bottom of the work.

Quickly is the birth of a crossover between Banksy, his fans and reporters wishing to cover the event in its entirety. These photographers include Ray Mock , who at the head of his publishing house Carnage NYC documents the Street Art and Graffiti in New York and around the world for over 10 years. Not only will it manage to capture the daily work of Banksy but it will also consider public feedback. The impact of the work of the artist, tinged with social criticism but also humor, is immediately put into perspective thanks to the returns of the owners of buildings, diehard fans and many detractors -très-.Each work is listed, dissected and analyzed day by day in the book Banksy in New York. 

Through numerous texts and over 140 photos, the book Banksy in New York is not only the ultimate guide Expo Better Out Than In but a must for any fan of Banksy who wishes to confront an objective analysis, thoughtful and sometimes critical of the artist's work.

The 128-page book has a hard cover luxury. It costs $24.59 and is available now here.